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How To Pick Right Hot Water Brand? Recommended By Experts

Hot water conserving lot of energy, causing soaring electricity bills, suddenly stopped working during chilly winters are common hot water issues. Generally, hot water system is considered as a domestic product that last longer hence you need to choose a perfect hot water brand and type that suits your need.

Before you pick a favourable hot water brand, it is necessary to decide what kind of heating technique you would prefer – electric, gas, heatpump or solar hot water system. Most of the leading hot water brands offer all this types of hot water units. You can also single-out hot water system considering its cost, energy-saving factor or environment-friendly aspect, whatever is appropriate for you.

There are different kinds of hot water systems available in Adelaide, You can make a wise choice with leading brands and wide range of hot systems offered by Right Now Plumbing.

Here are some renowned hot water brands of Australia recommended by experts:


Rheem the long-established and esteemed hot water brand is an Australian-based company. Rheem hot water systems are reliable, affordable as well as environment-friendly. It offers integrated heat pump and split heat pump systems, storage and instantaneous gas hot water systems, electric hot water and solar hot water units.


One of the oldest hot water brands, Dux was established in 1915 and since then it has become a well-known hot water brand of Australia. Dux manufactures electric, solar, heatpump, gas storage and continuous gas hot water systems. Dux have come up with new economical and safety-proof hot water units.


One of the most trusted and popular hot water brands, Rinnai has over 80 years of experience in their respective field hence Rinnai is a household name in Australia. The safe and highly-efficient Rinnai hot water can be used for domestic as well as commercial purpose.


A brand acknowledged by many prestigious awards, Aquamax is one of the most reputed Australian hot water brands. The company adopts latest technology and green norms to meet customer needs. Solar, gas, electric, heatpump are the hot water system types manufactured by Aquamax.


Bosch is a world-famous engineering and electronics company and also a renowned brand of hot water products. This German-based company has earned a lot of recognition in Australia due to its high-quality products. Electronic high flow gas, gas pilot ignition, gas internal instantaneous hot water and internal compact are some of the top hot water systems under Bosch brand.


Though new in comparison to other hot water brands, Vulcan has become a well-known brand as it follows leading-edge technology and innovative approach. The units are easy to install, affordable and reliable.


Though established in Australia, Chromagen is now a globally recognised hot water brand with extensive years of expertise. The company offers products in over 35 countries and most of the customers prefer their hot water products. Chromagen systems are reliable and durable.


Saxon is famous for manufacturing recyclable,eco-friendly and water-efficient hot water products. It is a prominent brand, while installation and repair is easily done.


Established long back in 1930, Wilson is one of the best hot water brands in Australia. The company offers wide range of hot water systems that are perfectly designed and are mostly made up of stainless steel, copper and colour bond.

Stiebel Eltron:

It’s impossible to overlook Stiebel Eltron hot water products, while discussing about perfect hot water system. One of the most preferred brands, Stiebel Eltron offers top-notch , environment-friendly, recyclable hot water systems.

These are the top hot water brands of Australia. If you want to install or in case if you have already installed or want to replace the existing hot water system, you can always rely on Right Now Plumbing. The plumbing agency offers quick, efficient and reliable installation, replacement and repair of hot water brands all over Adelaide.