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Gas Fitting Adelaide

Gas Fitting Adelaide
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Leaking Gas Can Be Hazardous Get Your Gas Fitted Perfectly

If you require a gas fitter in Adelaide – day or night – call the fully qualified professionals from Right Now Plumbing. Our phone is on 24/7 for any gas fitting Adelaide emergencies that may arise across all metropolitan areas.

Gas is an extremely dangerous and hazardous substance and any gas repair, replacement or new installation must be undertaken by a fully qualified and licensed gas fitter. Using an unqualified or unlicensed contractor can put your home or business and the occupants at extreme risk, not to mention voiding the gas appliance warranty and possibly harming any required insurance claim should something go wrong. Never risk it when it comes to gas – it’s not worth it! Just call the gas fitting Adelaide experts from Right Now Plumbing for a quality gas fitting service at an affordable price with superior workmanship guaranteed.

Our gas fitting Adelaide services include

  • Gas leak detection and repair
  • Gas pipe installations, extensions or repairs
  • Gas appliance installations, servicing or repairs
  • Gas BBQ conversions or natural gas BBQ installations
  • Bayonet fittings
  • Gas hot water heater repairs, replacements or new installations

For 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services in Adelaide

Call Now: 0400 655 239

Do you suspect a gas leak?

If you have, or even slightly suspect, a gas leak on your property call Right Now Plumbing Adelaide on 0400 655 239 straight away. A gas leak needs to be attended to immediately and our gas fitting Adelaide specialists are the gas leak detection and repair experts.

Gas is a colourless substance but there are some tell-tale signs that would indicate you have a gas leak;

  • A strong smell often referred to as a rotten egg odour
  • Higher than normal gas bills for no apparent reason
  • Health deterioration (especially headaches or fatigue) when, or after, using a gas appliance
  • Your gas appliance is making a whistling or hissing sound
  • Your gas pilot light won’t stay lit or the colour of the flame has changed

If you do notice any of the above signs it is highly recommended that you turn off the gas appliance and ventilate the room by opening all doors and windows. Never operate an electrical appliance (so don’t turn on a fan to try and help with ventilation!), flick light switches or produce an open flame when dealing with a gas leak. Vacate the property and wait for your gas fitting Adelaide professional from Right Now Plumbing to arrive. Do not re-enter the property until you have been advised to do so by your attending gas fitter.

When any gas appliance is installed by the Adelaide gas fitters from Right Now Plumbing you can rest assured that you will receive a Certificate of Compliance. This ensures that the appliance has been installed correctly and is in perfect working order. If your contractor cannot supply you with a Certificate of Compliance then, more likely than not, they are unqualified. Call the gas fitting Adelaide team that you can trust from Right Now Plumbing, available 24/7.