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Solar Hot Water Adelaide

Solar hot water is becoming extremely popular around Adelaide due to it being the most cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to heat our water. With our energy bills constantly rising, a solar hot water heater could end up saving you over 60% off your energy bills per annum and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

How does solar hot water work?

A solar hot water heater is made up of solar collectors and a water storage tank. The solar collectors are installed on your roof in a position to best collect energy from the sun’s rays. This energy is then transferred to heat and pushed through to the water storage tank, heating the water stored inside ready for when you require it.

There are two main types of solar hot water heaters;

Split Systems or Pumped

A split system solar hot water heater has the solar collector panels installed on your roof with the water storage tank located separately at ground level. A pump is used to transfer the heat collected from the sun through to the water stored inside the tank.

Thermosiphon or close-coupled

A thermosiphon system has both the solar collectors and storage tank mounted on the roof together. This allows the collected heat to be transferred directly to the stored water inside the tank, without the use of a pump, but instead using a thermosiphon method. In frost prone areas, to prevent any freezing damage that could occur to the solar panels, a heat exchange fluid is used which also helps to heat the water inside the tank.

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Worried about no hot water?

In many cases people are concerned that a solar hot water heater may not be able to provide hot water during periods of low sun light or heavy rains and storms. Talk to Right Now Plumbing Adelaide about installing a gas or electric booster to your solar hot water system and trust that you will have hot water come rain, hail or shine!

If you are considering installing a new solar hot water heater it is important that you choose the correct sized system to adequately suit your hot water heating demands. Choosing a system based on the cheapest option alone could cost you more in the long run as your system will have to work in overdrive to keep up with your needs, and in the end you will more than likely end up with more cold showers than you bargained for.

At Right Now Plumbing Adelaide our hot water plumbers will happily provide advice and a no obligation quote in regards to the new installation of a solar hot water heater to your property. We take into account how many people reside in your home and exactly how you use your hot water in terms of showers, washing the dishes, washing your clothes etc. to supply you with the most economical and efficient solar powered hot water heater.

Should you require any repairs to your current solar hot water heater call us on 0400 655 239. We cover all metropolitan areas of Adelaide with emergency 24/7 plumbing services available.