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Rinnai Hot Water Adelaide

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Rinnai Reputed Hot Water Brands Of Australia

Rinnai Hot Water Adelaide

Rinnai are one of the industry leaders when it comes to hot water systems having over 80 years of international experience in the business, with 40 of those years being in Australia. You can rely on Rinnai hot water for a durable, trustworthy and economical hot water heater, covering solar powered, electric, gas and heat pump fuel sources in a variety of sizes to suit any home or commercial property.

At Right Now Plumbing Adelaide we are the Rinnai hot water heater specialists able to repair, replace or newly install your Rinnai gas, electric, solar powered or heat pump hot water unit.

With the rising cost of energy bills you can trust that the Rinnai hot water range provides you with eco-friendly options with no lack in quality to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, and all Rinnai hot water systems come backed by extremely high warranties.

The Rinnai hot water range includes;

Rinnai Solar

The Rinnai hot water solar range consists of the ‘Prestige Range’ also known as the Rolls Royce of solar hot water systems. The Prestige consists of a 444 grade stainless steel tank comprised with TiNOX technology on its excelsior collectors with the tanks ranging in sizes from 180L-330L. The other Rinnai solar option is the Sunmaster range with the tanks being comprised of vitreous enamel and ranging in tank sizes from 175L-330L. Team up your Rinnai Prestige or Sunmaster with a solar gas booster to allow you to have a constant supply of steamy hot water 24/7.

Rinnai HOTFLO Gas Storage and Rinnai Infinity Gas Continuous Flow

The Rinnai hot water HOTFLO gas storage systems are comprised of vitreous enamel lined steel tanks and available in two tank sizes: 130L and 170L. Running on mains pressure you are guaranteed to have the strongest flow of water available with no lack in pressure or temperature fluctuations when running multiple taps at the same time.

The Rinnai hot water INFINITY range are tankless and compact continuous flow hot water systems which provide you with constant hot water ‘on demand’ 24/7. The INFINITY range is available in sizes from 16L per minute – 32L per minute flow rates and an Enviro model is also available which has a massive 7 star energy rating.

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Rinnai Heat Pumps

Rinnai has two varieties of heat pump hot water heaters available – the HOTFLO Split Heat Pump and the HOTFLO Integrated Heat Pump. The heat pump hot water heaters are extremely economical but do not require solar panels to heat the water, as they heat the water stored in a tank by drawing energy from the ambient outside air. A heat pump is the ideal solution for those wanting the benefits of solar powered hot water but being unable to install solar panels, or for those wishing to replace an electric hot water heater.

To find out more about Rinnai hot water call the experts from Right Now Plumbing Adelaide. We’re available 24/7 to repair, replace or newly install your Rinnai hot water heater.