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Gas Hot Water Adelaide

Should you require a repair or replacement of your gas hot water heater call the fully qualified and insured Adelaide plumbers from Right Now Plumbing. If you’ve just built your dream home and need a new gas hot water heater installed, or would like to upgrade your home or office with a highly efficient gas hot water heater then we can have an Adelaide plumber to your location, covering all metropolitan areas of Adelaide. Our hot water plumber will advise on the best gas hot water heater to suit your needs and supply and install the unit for you at an affordable cost with quality workmanship guaranteed.

What type of gas hot water heater is best for me?

Gas hot water units are available in continuous flow or storage tank models and are suited to run on either natural gas or LPG. There are a variety of sizes available making them suitable for 1 bedroom units through to large commercial properties. Gas hot water heaters are extremely energy efficient and many models are rated at 6 stars or above.

Gas continuous flow (instantaneous) hot water

A gas continuous flow hot water heater is a compact unit that does not require a tank to store and heat your water. The system operates by automatically turning on when you turn on your hot water tap. The water passes through a heat exchanger and quickly reaches the desired temperature to deliver you with a constant stream of hot water that never runs out. Once you turn your hot water tap off the unit switches off.

Gas continuous flow hot water heaters are available in a range of sizes from a small 12 litre per minute flow rate (suited for a small unit) through to a large 32 litre per minute flow rate (suited for a large family home). Many models can also act as a ‘booster’ to solar powered hot water heaters.

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Gas storage hot water heaters

A gas storage hot water heater stores and heats your water in a cylinder ready for when you require it. Storage gas hot water heaters run on mains pressure, which means that you will have the strongest flow of water pressure available and you can run multiple taps at the same time with no water fluctuations or lack in pressure. Storage gas hot water heaters are also extremely energy efficient, especially when compared with an electric storage hot water heater. The gas storage tanks are comprised of either stainless steel or vitreous enamel and come with generous warranties.

Call Right Now Plumbing Adelaide for the best advice on your hot water heater requirements, or should you require a repair or replacement of your current hot water system, or a new gas hot water heater installation. Our reliable and friendly hot water system plumbers do not charge call-out fees and can come to your home or business across all metropolitan areas of Adelaide 24/7.