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My Toilet Won’t Flush, What to Do?

Flush Out Flushing Problems With Right Now Plumbing

If your toilet won’t flush you should call an experienced and licensed plumber immediately. Call in a local Adelaide plumber from Right Now Plumbing. Right Now Plumbing are your Adelaide plumbing and gas fitting specialists covering all metropolitan areas of Adelaide. We do not charge call-out fees and if you book your plumber online you’ll save 15% off labour costs!

If Your Toilet Won’t Flush The Main Causes For This May Include;

  • The Cistern Tank Is Empty

    if nothing at all happens when you press the flush button this could possibly mean that the cistern tank is empty.This can occur if there is a problem with the water supply line or possibly the water valve has been turned off accidently.

  • Damage To The Flapper

    inside the cistern is a rubber flapper. When you flush your toilet the flapper opens and releases water and then automatically closes again to complete the flush.  Your toilet won’t flush if there is any damage done to the flapper which is usually caused by age and deterioration.

  • Problems With The Lift Chain

    the lift chain attaches the flapper to the flush button. Check inside your cistern to see if the lift chain has come undone or is damaged as this will cause the toilet to not flush.

  • A Clogged Toilet

    If all seems ok within the cistern then your toilet is more than likely blocked. If your toilet is blocked when you flush the water simply has nowhere to go and eventually it will begin to backflow from your pipes. A blocked toilet should be treated as an emergency call Right Now Plumbing immediately for a prompt blocked toilet repair.

What Causes A Blocked Toilet?

The most common cause of a blocked toilet in Adelaide is from tree root infiltrations within the sewer pipes. A trees roots strive for moisture and nutrients and will quickly find this within your pipes if there is even the smallest of cracks. Once a tree root has infiltrated the pipe it will soon grow to a large mass, completely blocking the sewer pipe.

Other factors that cause a blocked toilet include flushing foreign objects that are not designed for our pipes such as sanitary items, baby wipes, children’s toys and even too much toilet paper. These items will quickly block the pipes causing a toilet that won’t flush.

Don’t put up with a toilet that won’t flush, it is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Upon first signs call in an Adelaide plumber from Right Now Plumbing anytime of the day or night. We will have your broken or blocked toilet repaired in an instant, or should a replacement toilet be required we can assist with this also. Call us anytime; we’re here for you 24/7 to cover any gas or plumbing emergency across all metropolitan areas of Adelaide.