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Typical Plumbing Problems And Fixes

Plumbing is one such household problem that can spring up, all of a sudden, hence it is better to stay prepared for such troubles. The domestic work completely gets disturbed due to any sort of plumbing issue. Some issues are quite common and fortunately, easy to fix. In case of major plumbing concerns in Adelaide, Right Now Plumbing is there to take care of. However the good news is, we’ll also guide you to resolve the common problems by offering you proper guidance.

Here are simple solutions for the typical plumbing problems:

Hot water issues:

Hot water issue is most common and annoying problem. Minor issues can be resolved without taking professional help too.

  • In case of gas water heater, the first thing you need is to check if the pilot light is lit.
    Second thing you need to check is the temperature setting. Make sure the temperature is high, for adequate hot water supply.
  • Also make sure if the water heater is big enough for bigger homes.
  • Still if you continue to face hot water problem, feel free to contact us.

Leaking tap:

Have you ever lost your sleep due to the frustrating dripping sound of water? I guess many of you must have experienced this. Though it seems as a petty issue but if it is left unattended for a long time, it can lead to increased water bills and also result in more damage.

As soon as you notice this problem, replace the worn out or inefficient washer. If you think the valve seal is depleted or there is still leakage then it’s better to take professional help.

Clogged drain:

Clogged drain, common kitchen and bathroom annoyance, it is better to avoid these problems by taking precautionary steps. Be careful about what you put down the drain. Blockage is usually caused due food, construction material or hair getting stuck down the drain. You can fix a screen on your drain so that it avoids solid inflowing into the drains and keep it clean.

Pliers, tweezers or plungers will help you to reach problem area and remove the material that is causing the blockage. If you are dealing with this issue on regular basis, call our qualified plumber.

Leaking pipes:

It is better to prevent small leak before it burst and cause huge damage. Hence it’s favourable to check for the pipes periodically before it leads to major problem.

White lime deposits or rust are early signs of leakage. However, it is good to take assistance of professionals to avoid breakage.

Leaking toilets:

Leaking toilet can be one of the major hurdles in your routine lifestyle. Fixing it is an easy task.
Sometimes just shaking the toilet flush handle can resolve your problem. Be careful, don’t jiggle too much or else it could break and cause double trouble. Even faulty ball-clock can cause leakage or stop adequate water flush. In such situation it’s better to replace or get it repaired by an expert.

Some issues can be much troublesome and complex to DIY. We suggest you to take assistance of Right Now Plumbing. No matter you reside in Grange or Somerton Park, West Lakes or Henley beach or any locality in Adelaide, you just need to contact us and our efficient plumbing team will be at your doorstep in no time.