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Quantum Reputed Hot Water Brand In Australia

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If you’re located in Adelaide and require repair, replacement, or new installation services for a Quantum hot water system, look no further than Right Now Plumbing at 0400 655 239. We are the go-to Quantum hot water system specialists.

Right Now Plumbing Adelaide is readily available 24/7 to address any plumbing emergencies that may arise after normal business hours. When you choose Right Now Plumbing for your Quantum hot water system requirements, you’re ensuring service from a fully qualified and licensed Adelaide plumber. We pride ourselves on not charging call-out fees and on delivering exemplary workmanship from the outset.

Quantum hot water systems are renowned for their energy efficiency and include a range of models to suit diverse needs and spaces:

  • Quantum EVO Heat Pump
  • Quantum 270L Heat Pump
  • Quantum 340L Heat Pump
  • Quantum Compact Heat Pump

Each Quantum model offers a state-of-the-art solution for your hot water needs, leveraging advanced heat pump technology to provide reliable and sustainable hot water.

Efficiency and Savings: The Advantages of Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters are an energy-efficient solution for hot water needs, using ambient air to heat water and offering substantial savings on energy bills. They’re environmentally friendly, often qualifying for government rebates thanks to their lower electricity usage and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

These systems are not only cost-effective but also reliable, with long service lives and minimal maintenance requirements contributing to their cost-efficiency. Heat pump water heaters cater to all household sizes, ensuring that every home can find a model that suits its specific demands.

In essence, opting for a heat pump water heater means benefiting from consistent hot water, long-term energy cost reductions, and a lower carbon footprint. Right Now Plumbing specialises in providing Adelaide homes with tailored, efficient heat pump water heater installations and services.

Quantum Heat Pump Water Heaters:

Quantum Heat Pump Water Heaters are celebrated for their exceptional energy efficiency and versatility, providing a spectrum of options for households of any size in Australia. Whether you’re a single inhabitant or part of a bustling family, there’s a Quantum model tailored to your requirements. The Quantum Compact Heat Pump is an excellent choice for constrained spaces, and the mid-range options like the Quantum 270L Heat Pump cater to medium-sized residences. Larger households will benefit from the robust Quantum 340L Heat Pump, ensuring plentiful hot water availability.

Here’s a list of models available:

  • Quantum Compact Heat Pump
  • Quantum 270L Heat Pump
  • Quantum 340L Heat Pump
  • Quantum EVO Heat Pump (for bespoke requirements)

At Right Now Plumbing, our team is fully adept at providing installation, repairs, and servicing for the full suite of Quantum Heat Pump Water Heaters. Whether it’s the space-saving Quantum Compact or the high-capacity Quantum 340L, we guarantee that expert and dependable assistance is just a phone call away at 0400 655 239.

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Can you repair, replace or newly install a Quantum heat pump hot water system ?

Of Course! Right Now Plumbing is fully prepared to repair, replace, or supply and install a new Quantum hot water system. Whether it’s a Quantum heat pump water heater or any other model, we have you covered across all metropolitan suburbs of Adelaide.

Quantum heat pump water heaters come in a range of sizes to suit any home, from compact units ideal for individual living to larger models for extensive family homes.

If you encounter any problems with your Quantum water heater, like a lack of hot water, leaks, issues with maintaining heat, or fluctuations in water pressure, do not hesitate to contact Right Now Plumbing Adelaide. We’re always available to provide prompt and reliable water heater repair or replacement services across all metropolitan areas of Adelaide.

Keep in mind the importance of professional installation, repairs, and maintenance of your hot water system by a fully qualified and licensed plumber. For expert and trustworthy support, reach out to the team at Right Now Plumbing Adelaide.