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Cutting-Edge Hot Water System For Modern Homes And Offices

A heat pump is an excellent alternative to a solar hot water heater, especially for those who are unable to install solar panels on their roof. The heat pump is also an ideal replacement for an electric hot water heater as they are designed with the same footprint.

A heat pump is classed in the same economic category as a solar powered hot water system due to them being extremely energy efficient. But rather than collecting energy from the sun a heat pump collects energy from the ambient outside air, transferring this energy into heat, to heat water stored in a tank. The method is much the same as how a refrigerator operates, but in reverse. A heat pump uses approximately one third less power than an electric hot water storage heater.

At Right Now Plumbing Adelaide we are can provide heat pump repair, replacement and new installation services. Our heat pump experts are proficient in all well-known and trusted heat pump makes and models including; Rheem, Dux, Rinnai, AquaMax, Stiebel Eltron and Chromagen.

At Right Now Plumbing we cover all metropolitan areas of Adelaide and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure we can have a fully qualified and professional plumber to your door as soon as possible to provide a heat pump repair or replacement service.

What are the benefits of a heat pump hot water heater?

  • An extremely efficient renewable energy source classed in the same category as solar powered hot water but without needing solar panels.
  • Government rebates may be available due to their extreme energy efficiency.
  • Save dramatically off your energy bills due to a heat pump hot water heater using approximately one third less energy than an electric hot water heater.
  • Easily replace an electric hot water heater with a heat pump hot water heater system as the same design footprint is used.
  • Heat pump repairs and servicing can easily be carried out by the professional plumbers from Right Now Plumbing Adelaide 24/7.

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Heat pump hot water heaters are more suited to warmer climates due to using the ambient air to heat the water. But there are some models designed to efficiently suit cooler climates. If you are looking at installing a new heat pump hot water heater have a chat with our heat pump specialists from Right Now Plumbing Adelaide. We will talk you through all options available in the range of heat pumps to decide on the most energy efficient and cost effective model to suit your property and provide you with a no obligation quote for the supply and installation.

Should you require heat pump repairs to your current system call us anytime for a prompt and reliable service, available 24/7 across all metropolitan areas of Adelaide.

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