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Repair Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is usually classed as an emergency plumbing situation and should be attended to immediately by a fully qualified and licensed plumbing professional trained to repair burst pipes. A burst pipe can cause severe structural damage to your home and we do recommend turning your water off at the mains while you are waiting for your plumber to arrive.

For an Adelaide plumber highly skilled in the repair of burst pipes call Right Now Plumbing. Our lines are open 24/7 to cover you for any Adelaide plumbing emergency that may arise covering all metropolitan suburbs. With Right Now Plumbing you will not be charged a call-out fee and if you book your plumber online you’ll save 15% off labour costs (non-emergency situations only). Should you require an emergency plumber in Adelaide then don’t hesitate to call us on 0400 655 239, anytime of the day or night, for a prompt and reliable plumbing service. To repair burst pipes in your home or business you can rely on Right Now Plumbing – RIGHT NOW!

What causes burst pipes?

Burst pipes can be caused by a number of reasons including the age of your pipework, incorrect installation, damage from tree roots or other foreign objects, rust and rodents but the most common cause of a burst pipe is due to pressure within the pipes. When water within your pipes gets close to freezing your pipes will expand creating increased pressure.

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What are the signs of a burst pipe?

In many cases you will realise you have a burst pipe due to the torrent of water cascading into your property but there are some instances of burst or leaking pipes which can go unnoticed for some time. As our pipes are hidden in our walls, ceilings and underneath our homes it can take time for the pooling water to become noticed. Signs to look out for include;

  • Higher than average water bills for no reason
  • Damp patches on your walls, floors or ceilings
  • Mould forming on your walls, ceilings or floors
  • Pooling patches of water
  • Faulty electrical fittings
  • Cracks in your walls

If you notice any of the above signs call Right Now Plumbing Adelaide, we are the leak detection specialists able to repair burst pipes or replace damaged pipes across all metropolitan suburbs of Adelaide 24/7.

If you are suspect that you may have a leaking or burst pipe on your property there is a simple test that you can do. Just turn off all of your taps and fixtures, and then write down the numbers showing in your meter box. After approximately 10-15 minutes check the meter box numbers again (make sure you haven’t used any water, or flushed the toilet during this time!) if the numbers have increased then this is a good indication there is a water leak on your property.

Call Right Now Plumbing Adelaide to repair burst pipes in your home or business anytime of the day, any day of the year.