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How To Fix A Mixer Cartridge?

We Are Also Efficient In Repairing Complicated Mixer Cartridge

Unlike an older style tap set, a mixer tap does not have a washer but instead has a cartridge. If your mixer tap is leaking then most likely your mixer cartridge requires replacing.

You can replace a mixer cartridge yourself, if you feel comfortable enough in doing so. Otherwise you should call the Adelaide plumbers from Right Now Plumbing for a fast and reliable mixer cartridge replacement to fix your leaking mixer tap.

There are many models of mixer taps on the market so you need to ensure that you purchase the correct cartridge to suit your tap. If you are unsure you can take a picture of your tap to your local hardware store and they should be able to provide you with the correct replacement parts.

To replace a mixer cartridge

  1. Turn off your properties water at the mains
  2. Put the plug in the sink (this helps to stop you losing any small parts) and turn the tap on to release any excess water that may still be sitting in the pipes.
  3. Unscrew the mixer handle. If your handle is held with a hex screw use and Allen key to aid in its removal.
  4. Pull the cover plate away from the unit and remove the dome cover that covers the cartridge – you may want to use a spare rag if using a spanner to ensure you don’t scratch any of the exterior metal.
  5. Once you have complete access to the cartridge, gently remove it and replace with the new part, make sure that you match up the locator pins. Re-fit the parts that you have previously removed.
  6. Turn your tap off (it is sitting in the on position) and then turn your water back on at the mains
  7. Test your handiwork!

If your mixer cartridge is still leaking, or you don’t have the time, patience or confidence to undergo a DIY mixer cartridge replacement then just call Right Now Plumbing Adelaide on 0400 655 239.

Our fully qualified and professionals plumbers will provide you with a full tap service along with your mixer cartridge replacement to ensure reliability from your mixer tap repair.

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