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How To Fix A Mixer Taps?

Get Your Mixer Tap Issues Fixed

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What Are Mixer Taps?

Mixer taps are extremely popular within modern homes in Australia. They are functional and come in a variety of sleek and eye catching designs to bring life to any outdated kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Mixer taps are designed with the hot and cold water emerging from a single spout – whereas older style tapware uses a separate spout for each of the hot and cold water supply. Mixer taps provide a convenient method of mixing your water and are extremely economic.

What Are The Benefits Of Mixer Taps?

Mixer taps are stylish and streamlined and are designed for convenience and functionality. No longer do you have to insert a plug should you require warm water as you can adjust the temperature as desired to flow from the one spout. There are many different designs available each with different benefits – from pull-up mixer taps, pull-down mixer taps, swivel mixer taps, wall mounted mixer taps and basin mounted mixer taps.

Mixer taps are versatile and can work well in any wet area of your home – sinks, basins, tubs and showers and many mixer taps are fitted with a flow limiter to prevent too much water being taken from the pipes at once which will save you money on your energy bills also.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Mixer Taps?

There are no real disadvantages of installing mixer taps. You just need to be aware before purchasing a mixer tap that it is suited to be installed in the area that you wish, and you need to ensure that it is compatible with your current hot water heater and water pressure flow rate.

A slight downside to mixer taps is that many of the designs make it extremely easy to turn the water on (which is also a very convenient feature!) But mixer taps are eye catching for small children, especially where they can reach them at levels in the shower or bath tub. It is much easier for a child to flick the hot handle of a mixer tap to on than for them to turn an older style tap. Therefore it is recommended to always turn your mixer tap lever to cold (if you have a single lever mixer tap) or install a hot water heater temperature controller. These hot water temperature controllers are available with many hot water heaters on the market today and eliminate the risk of hot water scalds and burns to young children, or the mobility impaired.