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How to Repair Toilet and Cistern?

Well-Equipped With Essential Parts And Tools

Do you need an Adelaide plumber to repair your broken, leaking or blocked toilet? Our plumbers repair toilets and cisterns, or can install or replace your toilet suite at an affordable cost with no call-out fees covering all suburbs of metropolitan Adelaide 24/7.

A malfunctioning toilet is a health hazard and should be attended to immediately by a fully qualified plumber so if your toilet is not flushing, the bowl is continually filling with water, your toilet is leaking or your toilet is blocked or overflowing then pick up the phone and dial Right Now Plumbing Adelaide on 0400 655 239 for a prompt and reliable toilet repair with quality workmanship and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Your toilet usually becomes blocked or broken at the worst of times, and more often than not, it doesn’t seem to happen during business hours. At Right Now Plumbing Adelaide we have a local plumber on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call us for a toilet repair even if it’s 2am on a Sunday morning! At Right Now Plumbing we’re there for our customers when a gas or plumbing disaster strikes!

Blocked Toilet Repairs Adelaide

Toilets become blocked and it’s never pleasant – tree roots infiltrate the sewer pipes and other blockages are caused from foreign objects being flushed such as sanitary napkins, baby wipes, nappies and even too much toilet paper. Sewage water is a breeding ground for bacteria and in some cases has been known to cause hepatitis. If your toilet is blocked or if your blocked toilet begins to overflow then call Right Now Plumbing immediately. Our Adelaide plumbers are equipped with the latest in blocked drain clearing equipment including electric eels, CCTV drain cameras and high powered hydro-jets to quickly and efficiently clear your clogged toilet – no matter the time of the day or night!

Toilet Not Flushing Or Leaking Toilet Repairs

If your toilet is not flushing, or there is water constantly running into the bowl then most likely a part within the cistern is worn or damaged. Right Now Plumbing comes to your home or office in a fully stocked mobile van to quickly repair your toilet or cistern usually without the need to leave site to source parts. If you notice that your toilet is leaking around the base of the bowl this could indicate that the wax waterproof seal has become loose or is damaged, or there may be a crack in the pipe that connects the toilet to the cistern. No matter the cause of your leaking or broken toilet the expert Adelaide plumbers from Right Now Plumbing will have your toilet running correctly again before you know it.

For any toilet repairs, replacements or new toilet installations across all metropolitan areas of Adelaide call the local plumbing experts from Right Now Plumbing – we’re here for you 24/7!