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How To Fix A Leaking Toilet And Cistern?

Contact Toilet Experts As Soon As You Notice Leakage

If you have a leaking toilet then call the plumbers you can trust from Right Now Plumbing Adelaide. We will provide you with a fast, reliable and affordable leaking toilet repair no matter the time of the day or night. At Right Now Plumbing Adelaide we understand that plumbing emergencies don’t usually happen within the hours of 9-5 which is why we offer a 24 hour, 7 day a week, emergency plumbing and gas fitting service covering all metropolitan areas of Adelaide.

Your leaking toilet may be leaking around the base of the bowl or water may be dripping, or running constantly, into the toilet bowl from the cistern.

The Main Reasons That Would Cause A Leaking Toilet Include;

  • The base sealing the toilet to the floor has become loose or deteriorated
  • The cistern valve may be loose, deteriorated or damaged
  • Parts within the cistern may be damaged, loose or worn
  • There is a crack in your toilet bowl or cistern
  • A crack in the pipe connecting your toilet to the cistern
  • Incorrect toilet or cistern installation

In a majority of cases a leaking toilet can quickly and easily be repaired by simply replacing any damaged or worn parts, or by re-sealing the waterproof toilet base. But if there is a crack in your toilet or cistern then a replacement toilet will usually be required.

The Adelaide plumbers from Right Now Plumbing can repair or replace your leaking toilet no matter the make or model – whether your toilet suite is concealed, wall hung, wall faced, close coupled or a urinal or bidet. You can count on our fully qualified and licensed plumbers 24/7.

It is recommended to have a leaking toilet repaired as soon as you realise there is a problem. The leak will only get worse and will cost you extra in wasted water considering a leaking toilet can waste up to 60,000 litres of water per year (that’s approximately three full bathtub’s  a week!).

There are some instances where your toilet could be leaking but you may not even realise. You may only become aware that there is a problem somewhere when you receive a higher than average water bill for no apparent reason. You can perform a DIY leaking toilet test to see if this water wastage is linked to your toilet:

How To Check If Your Toilet Is Leaking:

  • Place about ¼ of a teaspoon of food colouring into your cistern and wait around 15-20 minutes (do not use the toilet during this time).
  • After the allowed time check your toilet bowl, a leak is present if your toilet water has changed colour due to the food colouring.

For any issues relating to your commercial or residential toilet – leaking toilet, blocked toilet, your toilet won’t flush or your toilet overflows call Right Now Plumbing Adelaide any time of the day or night.