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What To Do With Gas Leak In House? Gas Leak Detection and Repairs

Fix The Hazardous Gas Leak, Right Now!

Do You Smell Gas?

Leaking gas is extremely dangerous and needs to be attended to immediately by a fully qualified gas fitter. If you can smell gas or even suspect leaking gas on your property in Adelaide then call Right Now Plumbing. Our fully qualified and licensed Adelaide gas fitters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to promptly attend to any leaking gas emergency across all metropolitan suburbs of Adelaide.

Gas is a reliable and extremely economical fuel source for all of your home or office’s cooking and heating requirements but when using gas we do need to be aware of the dangers associated with this combustible fuel source. Thankfully leaking gas is usually easy to notice mainly due to the smell of the substance. In its natural form gas is actually odourless but the suppliers add a chemical to the fuel to allow it to take on a strong odour, which is usually referred to as a sulphuric rotten egg smell, to help alert the public to a gas leak. But there are some circumstances in which this indicator can go unnoticed so it is wise to also keep a look out for other signs that there may be leaking gas on your property;

Higher Than Average Gas Bills

An undetected gas leak may be present if you receive a higher than normal gas bill for no apparent reason. Obviously if it’s just turned to winter and you’ve been running your gas heater continuously then you need to take this into consideration! But if your gas bill arrives and you can’t see an explainable reason for the hike in price then call Right Now Plumbing for a reliable and affordable gas leak detection and repair service.

Hissing Or Whistling Coming From A Gas Appliance

If you hear a hissing or whistling sound being emitted from your gas appliance more likely than not there is a fault which could cause leaking gas. Turn it off immediately and call Right Now Plumbing for a prompt gas appliance repair.

Gas Pilot Light Colour Has Changed Or Gas Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit

Changes in the colour of your gas pilot light or a pilot light that continually blows out is usually an indication of a faulty gas appliance. Don’t risk leaking gas on your property – cease to use the appliance until you can have it thoroughly looked at by a fully qualified gas fitter.  Right Now Plumbing Adelaide can assist 24/7.

Health Deterioration

Leaking Natural gas will remove oxygen from the air and if you are breathing in natural gas you are limiting required oxygen reaching your heart and brain and will soon experience symptoms such as drowsiness, headaches, vomiting, confusion, unconsciousness through to death. If you notice any signs of health deterioration when using, or shortly after using a gas appliance turn it off straight away and call Right Now Plumbing. Usually the first to be affected by these symptoms are those with respiratory issues, the elderly and young children.

If you suspect leaking gas in Adelaide call Right Now Plumbing– RIGHT NOW!